I have produced step-by-step recipe photography for a wide range of cookery brands and food websites. This has involved cooking, styling and shooting every aspect of the recipe from start to finish. Often these shoots begin with an ingredients shot and then show every relevant active cooking step throughout the process. This can also be done with cocktail recipes which show active pouring, shaking or mixing of the drink and the addition of garnishes.
Recipe photography ingredients shot
Cocktail recipe photography showing active pouring of a martini
Recipe photography showing a cooked chicken sheet pan meal
Step-by-step recipe photography showing active mixing in a bowl
Recipe photography straining a spiced cream through a mesh sieve
Example ingredients shot for a dessert recipe
Cookies cooling on a baking rack as the final step of a recipe
Peppers being chopped and prepped on a cooking board as part of a recipe
Garlic frying in butter in a frying pan
An example ingredients photography for a cocktail recipe shoot
A recipe shot depicting cake ingredients mixed in a bowl
The final shot in a series of recipe photos for a sweet potato soufflé
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